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Please use our sample booklet to see and feel our product lineup for yourself. It’s available free of charge, and can be ordered with the form below.Upon receiving your request, we will ship it immediately.

越前手漉き和紙 版画用紙 (見本帳) (1)
越前手漉き和紙 版画用紙 (見本帳) (2)
越前手漉き和紙 版画用紙 (見本帳) (3)

Our sample booklet contains samples of all 14 products shown below.

  1. 生漉 Kizuki

  2. 半草(白) Hankusa (50% kozo mulberry, white)

  3. 半草(自然色)Hankusa (50% kozo mulberry, natural color)

  4. 半草厚口(白)Hankusa Atsukuchi (thick Hankusa paper, white)

  5. 七分草(白)Shichibukusa (70% kozo mulberry, white)

  6. 七分草(自然色)Shichibukusa (70% kozo mulberry, natural color)

  7. 鳥の子厚口Torinoko Atsukuchi (30% mitsumata, white )

  8. 楮紙() Kozoshi (100% kozo mulberry, white)

  9. 楮紙(自然色) Kozoshi (100% kozo mulberry, natural color)

  10. 雁皮紙 Ganpishi (100% ganpi shrub)

  11. 楮紙(学生用・白) Kozoshi for Students (white)

  12. 楮紙(学生用・自然色) Kozoshi for Students (natural color)

  13. 半草紙(学生用・白) Hankusa for Students (white)

  14. 半草紙(学生用・自然色) Hankusa for Students (natural color)

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