KITARO: Echizen Washi Specially Made for Woodblock Printing

Our woodblock print paper features the cleanest and most exquisite texture, and can only be created by skilled craftworkers with 50 years of experience, using traditional techniques that have been handed down for over 140 years since our establishment in 1873. 

We also offer custom-made paper for woodblock prints, made to order through direct communication with our customers.

KITARO's Product Lineup



半草 (白)

Hankusa (50% kozo mulberry, white)

半草 (自然色)

Hankusa (50% kozo mulberry, natural color)

半草 (厚口)

Hankusa atsukuchi ( Thick paper with white color )

七分草 (白)

Shichibukusa (70% kozo mulberry, white)

七分草 (自然色)

Shichibukusa (70% kozo mulberry, natural color)

鳥の子 (厚口)

Torinoko Atsukuchi (30% mitsumata, white )

楮 (白)

Kozoshi (100% kozo mulberry, white)

楮 (自然色)

Kozoshi (100% kozo mulberry, natural color)


Ganpishi (100% ganpi shrub)

楮 (学生用・白)

Kozoshi for Students (white)

楮 (学生用・自然色)

Kozoshi for Students (natural color)

半草 (学生用・白)

Hankusa for Students (white)

半草 (学生用・自然色)

Hankusa for Students (natural color)

Free Sample booklet of Woodblock Printing Papers.

越前手漉き和紙 版画用紙 (見本帳)

To help you find the perfect type of paper to meet your needs, we offer a free sample booklet of 14 types of woodblock print papers for your reference. With this booklet, you can see and feel each of our products in person. The sample booklet will be sent within two to three days of being ordered.

Welcome to KITARO

6代目 山口任俊

I am Hidetoshi Yamaguchi, the sixth-generation owner of KITARO, as well as the store manager for our website. Because washi paper is made by hand, one sheet at a time, the craftspersons state of mind will be reflected in the quality of the finished paper. Washi paper produced by a craftsman under lots of pressure and stress tends to wind up looking stressful or even disorderly. This is the reason why we tell our craftspeople to be calm and take particular care whenever working with washi. As Japanese culture has come into the spotlight again, so has Echizen Washi paper. We hope to use this great opportunity to create all types of washi paper to meet todays customer needs. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or inquiries you might have.

The Three Reasons to Choose KITARO


1. Dedicated, skilled workers with 50 years of experience


2. Consistent production by multiple skilled workers


3. Affordable prices made possible through direct sales